the coptic orthodox liturgy is the most beautiful thing i have ever experienced. the liturgy on resurrection sunday marks the exclamation point on the 55 days of lent that precede it. here we celebrate the most important aspect of christianity, the resurrection of our savior.


if you are interested in understanding the theological significance behind the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, st athanasius is much more qualified than i am to explain that to you. read 'on the incarnation' 

to illustrate how important this day is, st paul says that if Christ did not rise from the dead, christianity is "futile" (1 cor 15:17)


as beautiful as our liturgy is, and despite the splendor of the occasion, i know these pictures will fall short in conveying that experience to you, because any picture would be doomed to the same fate, unless you were there to experience it for yourself. 

Χριcτόc Αnέcτн

location: st george & st shenouda coptic orthodox church, jersey city, nj