i am not a music critic. i am however a musician. and according to my wife magi, i may in fact be a critic; as she says often, "sam, you're such a critic." i think this gives my point of view enough merit to be credible.  

may 2015. i tagged along with magi on a work-related trip to fort worth, tx. while wandering through the streets, i heard music in the air and followed my ear. this led me to the flying saucer (it's a local establishment, not an actual flying saucer), where oh whitney was playing. i liked what i heard, and emailed them afterwards to see if i could buy their album. they ended up sending me a cd and t-shirt on the house! i told them to give me a call if they were ever playing near hershey, pa, and i would come shoot their show. fast forward a few months, they came to the bethlehem sands casino, opening for grace potter, and i got to shoot their show.


their music is officially characterized as alternative rock, but that does not tell the whole story. each song gives you a glimpse into some other genre. you can hear rockabilly in crooked dreams. time apart's fast 2/4 rhythm is what you would hear in swamp rock. vultures: folk. and their live version of instead takes you through flamenco and latin rock. they put on a hell of a show.

even though i may be biased, that does not mean i am wrong :)

as cool as their music is, they may even be cooler guys in person. these songs and more are on their self-titled debut album. they are currently finishing a second album, set to be released this winter which is being produced by steely dan's donald fagen. check out oh whitney here